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Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited is a staffing agency that provides  staffing services and specializes in the recruitment of top talent for technical, professional, administrative, and creative positions. Businesses today are dynamic, with talent and resource needs that are constantly changing. Our  staffing services facilitate coverage during peak workloads, staff for finite projects and awarded contracts, and cover short-term absences due to vacation and PTO. Whether requirements are short-term or long-term, Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited has a proven record in placing candidates for temporary and contract roles across a broad range of areas, client industries, and skill-sets.

Staffing Areas of Expertise:

Accounting & Finance

Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited cost-effectively delivers accounting and finance professionals in key areas to include: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Budgeting, Forecasting, Auditing, Mortgage and Banking, Pricing, and Executive Management.

Administrative, Office Support, and Clerical :

Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited is a leader among administrative staffing agencies placing highly skilled Administrative, Office Support, Clerical, Medical and Healthcare Support, Warehouse, and Light Industrial professionals for short-term and long-term opportunities.

Contracts, Acquisitions and Procurement :

Companies requiring professionals in contracts, acquisitions, procurement, subcontracts, purchasing, strategic sourcing, grants, and proposals turn to Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited to fill their contract and full-time needs.

Creative and Marketing :

Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited provides professionals for digital, creative and marketing positions that improve an organization’s visibility, market their services and solutions to potential clients, and build/support the innovative elements of their corporate branding and communications. Our dedicated Creative Division work with many of the top marketing, design, and PR firms, as well as the creative departments of many of the top employers, nationally. Positions that we specialize in include: Graphic Designer, Brand Manager, Social Media Specialist, UX Developer, Videographer, Content Migration Specialist, and much more

Information Technology :

Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited is one of the most awarded information technology staffing agencies covering an extensive range of IT areas including Architecture, Business Analysis, Cyber Security, Database, Engineering, Executive Management, Front End/Web Development, Hardware, Help Desk, Quality Assurance, Software Development, System Administration, and Technical Writing.

Human Resources and Talent Acquisition :

People are at the heart of every business, and Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited recruiters deliver the HR and talent acquisition professionals that build, shape, and drive exceptional teams. Our deep pool of candidates includes specialists in all the key areas of human resources and talent acquisition including: compensation, benefits, recruitment, HRIS, strategic planning, compliance, and more!

Customer Service, Call Center, and Sales :

Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited provides customer service, call center, and sales professionals that directly impact your customer base and successfully impact your bottom line.

Staffing and Recruiting Services :

Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited is a staffing and recruiting agency located in  Hyderabad , Vijayawada & Vishakapatnam area. Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited works as a strategic partner to assist in the hiring needs for IT, finance, creative, and administrative positions across the country.

What are Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited’s Staffing and Recruiting Services?

Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited specializes in finding and recruiting top talent for a diverse range of disciplines and industries. Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited offers the following staffing and recruiting services:

Permanent Staffing

We help build productive and successful internal teams through the hiring of full-time candidates with the big-picture goal of employee retention. Our services include senior, executive, and mid-level management hiring needs. We extensively vet candidates to recruit top talent who possess the experience and temperament to lead highly successful initiatives.

Temporary Staffing

We help build productive and successful internal teams through the hiring of full-time candidates with the big-picture goal of employee retention. Our services include senior, executive, and mid-level management hiring needs. We extensively vet candidates to recruit top talent who possess the experience and temperament to lead highly successful initiatives.


Our contract to hire services offer companies a period of evaluation to determine if an employee fits strategically in the long term. Contract to hire positions offer candidates short-term employment with the opportunity to become full-time employees at the end of the contractual period. In many cases, contract to hire positions are mutually beneficial to both candidates and employers.

Payroll Services :

Our payroll services solution is ideal for companies looking to utilize independent contractors, consultants or former employees, manage internship programs and evaluate internally-recruited candidates in a “working interview” setting. Under the service, talent is sourced by the client, with Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited handling employment functions including payroll, worker’s compensation insurance, and even benefits.

Virtual Hiring :

Interview Methods to Hire the Right Candidates  :

The virtual interview is the process of recruiting a candidate for a job role using technology as a communication medium. It is also known as a video interview and allows HR to conduct interviews remotely. It is a convenient method of interviewing and is cost-effective, time-saving, and a medium to expand the potential talent pool. It is a more efficient way that eases interview scheduling.

The Meaning and Importance of Virtual Interview :

The virtual interview is an automated process of conducting an interview online. HR uses virtual interviews as a standard way of assessing the candidate’s potential initially. It also allows people to participate in an interview that they may have missed earlier for not reaching the interview venue on time. It also helps discover better talents by using a more efficient recruitment process. The organizations can also evaluate their candidates online by using virtual interview techniques.

5 Essential Methods for an Effective Virtual Interview Process :

The video interviewing method mostly follows the style of the traditional interview method. However, some things should be kept in mind as the hiring manager and the candidate connect for the first time in an online mode. The key areas to pay attention to are giving candidates enough time to prepare for the interview, giving them relevant questions, creating a standardized rating system, keeping the candidates informed via email or phone, etc.

Giving Candidates Adequate Time to Prepare :

Candidates should be given enough time to prepare for the interview. It is not recommended to schedule the meeting on the same day as the first call.  Giving them time helps them prepare for the interview and eventually crack it. In short, it makes the candidate comfortable. It reflects professionalism, the company’s culture, and thoughtfulness for the potential candidates.

Preparing a Relevant Questionnaire :

Preparing the interview questions in advance is essential to make virtual interviewing hassle-free. Questions should be relevant and related to the job role. A possible method could be making a list of common job-related questions for all the candidates as part of the standardized rating system. It would help if you also prepared questions related to the candidates’ experience and qualifications.

Testing Equipment Prior to the Interview :

Virtual interviews need a laptop with a stable wifi connection, a working mic and camera, and pre-installed software programs like Zoom or Google Meet. It is essential for the employer and the candidate to ensure that the technology works efficiently. We advise the candidate and the interviewer to join the meeting platform 5-10 minutes before an interview to avoid last-minute chaos.

Observing Body Language of Candidates :

The virtual model of interviewing gives very little flexibility in observing the candidates’ body language. Observing the candidates way of communicating, facial expressions, and eye contact is a way to understand their body language. You should also check the professional body language of the candidates, like sitting up straight in front of the camera, possessing a smile on their face, etc. This helps in assessing the candidate’s body language.

Following Up with the Candidates :

After the interview is over, keeping the candidates in the loop is essential. Sending a thank you email for making time for the interview within 24 hours is a good gesture and builds an employee-employer relationship. 

Also, it is essential to inform the candidates regarding the selection made and tell them about the future positions.

Preparation for Virtual Interviews :

The virtual interview process is commonly practiced in today’s world. The pandemic’s stay-at-home orders have confined all to their homes. This has forced companies to make adjustments in their hiring process. Remote interviews can make good impressions as long as simple guidelines are followed- preparing for the interview, asking questions beforehand, and checking the technology. These things will make the entire virtual interviewing process easy.

Resource Management Solutions :

Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited offers resource management solutions that facilitate cost reduction, increase productivity, and streamline operational processes. The three primary areas of focus are: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), On-Site Program Management, Managed Services Provider (MSP), and Organizational Consulting.

What makes Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited Different Than Other Staffing Agencies?

Our dedicated team of staffing and recruiters work in tandem to ensure that organizations have a successful strategy and resources for attracting and retaining top talent in all positions.

With every new partnership, Volksskatt Consulting Private Limited brings:

An extensive network of qualified candidates A proven methodology to expedite the “candidate requisition-to-productivity” process

A reputation for quality-driven solutions

Comprehensive service options

A proven track record in placing professional, technical, creative and administrative talent